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Karaoke Night, You Got Talent, Latino - Salsa Night, Roaring 20’s, Hollywood Party

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” – Hufford Luccock

We believe that being informed about current trends and research in intelligent event design and motivational dynamics is the key for ensuring that our programs are not only fun, but also that they influence behavior, inspire progress and positively affect the culture of our clients. You don’t just want your event to be a success. You want an outstanding result that leaves your competitors in the shade and keeps your attendees wanting more. So what do you need to consider when planning a corporate event to make sure you achieve all this?

Promotions & Celebrations
Fun, informative, team building and brand enhancing! Whether you’re planning a grand finale to your incentive reward program or a one-off occasion like a product launch – holding a corporate event is an excellent way to engage people who matter to your business. We have a full-service corporate events team that organises and delivers occasions of all sizes and types, with a focus on supporting your goals.

Conferences & Business Meetings
Organizing a business meeting or other type of business event can be complex, it’s important to get good advice that will help you to make the right choices. Stuck on ideas for something different? Our experienced, creative team help you find suitable locations and all related services for your event. Call us for more information or further advice, tips and trends. 

Family Day Picnic
Is there a better way to create family focused culture and a more socially focused environment and unity then to bring your whole staff with their families on a company picnic. It’s a great way to celebrate company achievements and motivate your entire team. Fantastic picnic style food, a team of dedicated professionals to look after your company’s every need, team building games and a great party. This unique opportunity allows for your employees to get to know each other better in a family setting.

Hosting a fun and fancy evening event is a brilliant way to celebrate with your colleagues and strengthen relationships by fostering positive feelings between your team members and your partners. Themed parties are fun and enjoyable experience for the whole group and an excellent activity to encourage the shy team members to step outside their comfort zones. 

Karaoke Night – Select your song among more than 30.000 hits from the world stage and Former Yugoslav hits, karaoke with synchronized text. You dress up for the occasion and we’ll take care of additional accessories that will complement your image. Choose your songs and arrange team presentation and choreography and be better than the original. 

You Got Talent – We take you on a journey into the exciting world of live performance that begins ‘backstage’ and ends ‘on-stage’. An evening of entertainment that gets you involved in a big way. Instead of bringing in entertainment, we give you the opportunity to display your talent in a 
friendly supportive environment. We will supply a professional host, sound and lights, even video production, you just bring the contestants!

Latino – Salsa Night – Would you like to introduce something new in your dance repertoire besides wedding reception and the basic two step dancing? Dance with your colleagues to a hot Latin rhythm! Learn the basic steps and simpler seductive salsa moves. Show performances of a dance troop with an animation program may be included.

Roaring 20’s – Obscured from the prying eyes of the police, this evening of illicit drinking and good times will transport you back to the 1920s with a night full of rip-roaring band performances, a Charleston dance-off, and mouth-watering cocktails. Return to the hedonism of the Roaring Twenties, the most glorious times for party, elegance and good fun. 

Hollywood Party – You don’t have to travel to USA to experience the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood party. We will bring the red carpet to your front door for a party that will leave your guests feeling like super stars. Dress up for the occasion, put on your masks, hats and fancy dresses, become a star for a night. Lights! Camera! Action!